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entry oo2;

I swear, Hiro, that pink panda thing really suits you.

I mean, pink! Its totally you.

You and pink go together like... Glue and paper. Yeah, whatever.
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No, I really meant that.
Pink goes with you. I'll buy you some pink dresses to prove it.
O_O Pink...dresses...?
Yes, pink dresses, babe.
Don't call me babe.
I wouldn't be caught dead with a pink, frilly dress...and white sandals...and those elegant, white gloves...and a daisy in my hair...and...holy shit, now I'm imagining it. ~_~
Now we're talking. Yes, pink, frilly dresses fit your personality to a T.
I could buy you those, you know.
I refuse to crossdress.
Ugh, now I'm picturing you in a pink, frilly dress...
Me? Whoa! Come on, you're the one who goes with pink - not me.
That panda in your journal is enough proof.
The panda is only there because I took a layout from someone and edited it. >_< I could't figure out how to get the panda off.
Then simply don't use the layout.
Admit it, you like those pink pandas.
Geez, Hiro. Don't deny it.
You wouldn't use that layout if you didn't like pink pandas.
How long are we going to discuss this pink panda thing?
Until you admit you love them.

or you open the door. god, i'm waiting outside

Fine, I'm coming downstairs to open it.
What the hell is it with you people and pandas?
Its not my fault Hiro likes pink pandas, bro!
Why must you discuss it everywhere, then?
I'm just telling people how much Hiro and pink pandas go together so well.
And this makes the fifth time that I've heard that tonight alone.
I won't argue with you.