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Tatsuha Uesugi
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Yo! I'm Tatsuha Uesugi, younger brother of Eiri Yuki, the famous author (and also Mika, my older sister). I look like him, just that my hair colour is black. I'm currently sixteen years old, and I'm a monk (due to my father being a monk, it runs in the blood). My blood type is AB. Want to send me a present? My birthday's on 21 December!

Just so you know, I'm the greatest fan of Sakuma Ryuichi ever! No, you all will not steal my dear sweet Ryuichi away from me.

I'll blab incessant stuff here. I wanna tie Ryuichi up one day. And I'll do ****** and ****** and even ******* to him. Oh it'll be so fun <3

That stupid Tohma is still trying to preventing me from getting too close to Ryuichi. Its so unfair. Is he scared that I may rape Ryuichi or something? (of course, I may just rape him) I just want to speak to him and get his autograph and probably hug him. Thats all!

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